There are many reasons why your computer may run slowly. We find most times a person has not opened up their computer and cleaned the dust out of critical cooling areas. Your computer can plug solid in dustier areas completely blocking the processor and in some case can actually short out and cause major damage. Use a can of air to clean the inside of the case paying attention to any dust build up. Make sure when using the can of air to keep the can upright as if you tilt it you may find you are freezing components and perhaps damaging them. Remember dust is a computers worst enemy as it inhibits cooling efficiency and brings in the overheating issues that will seriously cripple a computer over time.

Another critical area is defragmentation of your hard drive. Fragmentation of your hard drive occurs when information is moved, deleted, ect. The more you use the drive in this manner, the faster it will fragment. Over time the fragmentation can get so bad that it will shorten the life of your hard drive dramatically as your hard drive has to search and run much more aggressively.

To help keep your computer in tip top shape, hit the start button and navigate to the accessories tab, there you will find system tools. There you will see the Disk Defragmenter tool. Analyze the drive and take the appropriate action.

You can also perform a disk cleanup as well which is also located in the system tools folder. We recommend defragmentation at least once a month.  And one more precaution is to use Internet Options usually found on the right top side of your Internet Explorer window on the lower toolbar, depending on your setup. On the General tab hit delete for browsing history and after that a window will appear with other options like clean cookies ect. Your setup may not be exact as to my instructions as there are many different types of setups ect, but this will point you in the general direction.   If you have taken all these steps with no noticeable improvement there may be other issues such as spyware, malware, trojans ect. As a infected computer cannot clean itself in most cases you may need to use a online scanner to help determine the issues, and of course we are to help you if things are really bad. We hope this info answers your question.

Last Updated (Thursday, 19 December 2019 17:02)