Viruses for the most part are a thing of the past, there is still the odd one but no where near the volume of years past. In todays day and age most infections occur by tricking the user into installing bogus anti-virus software or fooling them into some sort of download or when you use peer to peer file transfer programs such as LimeWire, you may have some nasty stuff attached to your favorite song. For the most part it is a trojan that is installed when you activate the file that you have downloaded. A trojan is a piece of software that allows a user to gain access to your system undetected and allows them complete and total control of your computer and all of its information. Always use a trusted program for detection. And always use a firewall and stay updated at all times!!!

 Usually a trojan can be the cause of your system being very slow as someone else quite possibly could be controlling you remotely for many nasty purposes without your knowledge and do not trust Norton or some similar programs to protect you 100% because they will not. Trojans evolve with the updates as your personal information is very valuable to some underground users. There is a huge underground market for your information so protect it well!!! In some cases a user can be infected with a trojan simply by visiting a website which runs the code in the background uploading their nasty content silently and effectively. Trojans also allow users to upload spyware as well taking passwords, bank and CC information at will. Identity theft is a real concern.

 If your computer is behaving very weird it is best to try and determine the cause if you cannot we are here for your concerns.

Last Updated (Friday, 23 August 2013 15:22)