Well since the files are not the exact same file each time you try to extract that rules out the internet connection as that would be consistently the same file each retry. In such a case, simply redownloading that file should fix that problem. Frequent errors usually means some sort of data loss most likely due to a misconfigured internet connection.

 In the case where each time you try to extract the archive and it is a different file each time it is (believe it or not) a memory issue. This is usually an indication of a bad stick of ram or one that is just starting to fail. Hours of personal experience troubleshooting this exact issue has confirmed this, not only on one occasion but a few. Try pulling a stick out and running it on 1 and if not switch sticks. You will find that this solves the issue in 99% of these exact errors. Of course if you only use one stick you will need to replace it.

Last Updated (Friday, 23 August 2013 15:03)