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Home FAQ General Computer Questions Is a firewall important?

Is a firewall important?


A firewall is very important. The firewall's main function is to hide ports on your computer from hackers, scanners ect. There are so many people trying to exploit your computers vulnerabilitys that is actually hard to comprehend the full scope of it. Put it this way, if you put a unprotected computer on the internet your computer can actually be compromised within 30 seconds apoun internet connection. Automated bots scan a massive range of ip addresses looking for open ports and once they find the port they are looking for they either upload a root kit or some sort of trojan is injected and then you join the ranks of infected users mass emailing or attacking others in a Denial of Service attack (DOS) or whatever purpose you have been targeted for.

   So always use a firewall you trust, windows firewall for the most part is sufficient as long as you keep your updates current. Mixed with a good malware scanner or virus protection increases your chances of a trouble free computer.

 Purchasing a router also gives you a little more added protection. Whether it be a wireless router or a hardwired router (cabled to the computer) they have their advantages in added security. Most have their own firewalls in place taking just that much more stress off your computer as the hardware handles it instead of your software.

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