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General Computer Questions

Common Customer Questions

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1 Why does the Internet Explorer back button sometimes work and other times not at all this is driving me nuts!!! Administrator 1675
2 Windows updates fail every time and the computer generally acts very strange with intermittent crashes Administrator 1134
3 My external hard drive works in safe mode but freezes the computer as soon as I plug it in normally, whats up? Administrator 1303
4 My rar files corrupt randomly during extraction? Administrator 3267
5 Why does the computer reboot on its own? Administrator 1475
6 Why would I buy a computer from your store when I can get it much cheaper at a box store? Administrator 1591
7 My computer won't start! No power, whats wrong? Administrator 1289
8 Is a firewall important? Administrator 1324
9 How can I speed up my computer? it runs very slowly. Administrator 2421
10 How can I tell if I have a computer virus? Administrator 1362

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