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Home FAQ General Computer Questions Why would I buy a computer from your store when I can get it much cheaper at a box store?

 A computer bought from us may be more expensive in the short term but over the long run it saves you much more money.

Our individual parts and custom prebuilds carry a much higher warranty length than a prebuilt generic machine which carry a standard 1 year warranty (limited) on the entire computer. Keep your receipt, RMA the unit with our help and that 2-1/2 year old monitor gets fixed in most cases with a 3 year warranty vs the 1 that you will find on the generic unit. If the generic brand's hardrive fails 1 day after that year there will be no replacement. Our internal components are made from the industry leaders and depending on the component and manufacturer you will receive up to 5 years on individual parts. 1 power supply a year X5 or 1 power supply with a 5 year warranty, its just common cents.

And with all that extra warranty coverage you buy to extend the warranty any difference in price is then null and void, the result being in having a well built machine with a lot more power for the same price and totally customizable to your needs, the choice is obvious!

As well we build the computer to your needs, if you need some office machines we can build a fleet of identical units or a single workstation, the cases we use offer the addition of extra fans as well to maximize cooling flow for any tight space. Or if your a gamer we can build that ultimate rig, we design the computer on what you like visually and power it with whatever you want.

When it comes to replacement of parts, we will get it back to you fast compared to a 6 week to a 6 month return wait on your generic oem product.


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Our Custom built systems rock. We put special attention into any build to ensure rock solid stability. Look into any machine we build and you will see the extra attention.


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